Works Depot

The Works Depot is a multi-functional department responsible for the construction and maintenance of Council’s buildings, the quarry and the weighbridge. Under a service delivery with the Commonwealth, the Works Depot also maintains the KAVHA buildings and the landing places at Kingston and Cascade.

The Works Depot is made up of the following sections:

  • Works Management
  • Building Maintenance
  • Cascade - sale of rock
  • Grounds
  • Lighterage
  • Mechanics
  • Roads
  • Stores.

The Works Depot is responsible for the:

  • construction of new buildings
  • improvements to existing buildings in accordance with plan specifications and building codes
  • maintenance and repairs to Council buildings and properties
  • community assistance for burials
  • undertaking of removal of rock materials from the quarry
  • weighing of all materials taken from the quarry
  • upkeep and maintenance of all grounds and public spaces, including sporting grounds
  • erection of marquee and auxiliary tents
  • maintenance and mowing of gardens and picnic areas
  • mowing and maintaining: Puppy’s Point Reserve, Anson Bay Reserve, ANZCAN Station, Bicentennial Centre, Waste Management Reserve
  • movement of cargo and passengers from ship to shore and the provision of plant/equipment to undertake this work.

The Works Depot carries out a broad range of duties across all departments of the Regional Council, including:

  • preventative maintenance
  • mechanical repairs
  • engineering and metal fabrication
  • vehicle detailing
  • panel beating and spray painting
  • sign/guide post-maintenance
  • general maintenance of all roads i.e. patching, culvert maintenance, water runoffs, private sealing works

The Stores department operates on behalf of all sections of the Regional Council for the procurement of goods required for the efficient operation of the Council.

Hours of Operation

Monday to Friday
7.00am to 3.00pm

Contact Us

Works Depot
New Cascade Road
Norfolk Island 2899

Phone: +6723 22244


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