Council Meetings

At the December 2023 Ordinary Meeting of Council (Resolution 2023/138) the following schedule of dates were approved for the Ordinary Meetings of Council to be held in 2024.

The Norfolk Island Regional Council generally holds its Ordinary Meeting on the first Wednesday of each calendar month, with a few exceptions; please refer to the table below for the approved dates for Council Meetings for 2024.

Meeting Dates 2024
No meeting in January or February
6 March 2024
3 April 2024
8 May 2024
5 June 2024
10 July 2024
7 August 2024
4 September 2024
9 October 2024
6 November 2024
4 December 2024

These Council meetings are scheduled to be held at 2:00pm on the nominated date at the Council Chambers located inside the Bicentennial Complex 39 Taylors Road, Burnt Pine, Norfolk Island.

Council meetings are open to the public except in the situation where the Council decides to close a meeting to discuss restricted and/or confidential matters.

On occasion, the General Manager may call an Extraordinary meeting of Council to discuss a specific matter and or urgent matter.

Council meetings are governed by the Code of Meeting Practice: Norfolk Island Regional Council - Code of Meeting Practice

Meeting times, agendas and minutes

Prior to each Council meeting, an agenda detailing items to be discussed will be published to Council's website. 

These documents are available by accessing the links in the table below. 

A hard copy of these documents can be made available upon request at the Customer Care Office. 

Full and accurate minutes of each Council meeting are recorded and published to Council's website and can be viewed through the links below. 

Agendas are generally available from 4pm on the Friday the week before the meeting.

Minutes and the webcast recording are published as soon as practical after the meeting.

Minutes are unconfirmed until they are formally adopted at the next meeting of Council.