Public Health

Public Health Act 2010 (NSW)
The Public Health Act 2010 (NSW) was applied to Norfolk Island law in 2018. The Public Health Act 2010 (NSW) regulates risk to public health including; the sale of food, provision of private water supply, the use of public swimming pools and spas, legionella control and skin penetration.

The following Norfolk Island legislation also apply to Norfolk Island and include matters regarding public health:

  •     Public Health Act 1996
  •     Health Act 1913 (septic tanks, water quality, etc)
  •     Health Regulations
  •     Environment Act 1990

Public Health Legislation on Norfolk Island is regulated by the Waste and Environment team at Council who are responsible for the following areas:

Sale of Food
Council undertake inspections and issue licences to any business for the sale of food. Under the Sale of Food Act 1950 there are certain conditions regarding the premises where food is manufactured, prepared, packed, kept or served. A Sale of Food Application and inspection must be completed each calendar year.

Sale of Food Application Form

Water Supply Quality Assurance Program (QAP)

The Public Health Act 2010 (NSW) affects private water suppliers and distributors on Norfolk Island. Private water suppliers are anyone who supplies drinking water in the course of a commercial undertaking, where the water is not sourced from a water utility. Norfolk Island does not have a reticulated water supply meaning that all commercial operators are considered private water suppliers. For example: cafes, restaurants, tourist accommodation, ice manufacturers and water carters.

To mitigate risk to public health businesses are required to complete a Water Supply QAP form. Links for further information and for relevant forms can be found below.

Norfolk Island QAP flowchart_v1.pdf

Norfolk QAP-template_Bore water_v3.docx

Norfolk QAP-template_rain and bore water_v3.docx

Norfolk QAP-template_rain water_v3.1.docx

Norfolk QAP-template_surface water_v3.docx

Norfolk QAP-template_water carters_v3.docx

For more information on and NSW private water supply guidelines visit link is external)

Licencing and compliance of a slaughterhouse or place for slaughtering stock under the Slaughtering Act 1913 is managed by the Waste and Environment team at Council.
Slaughterhouse Application Form

Sale of Tobacco
Sale of Tobacco 2004 regulates the sale of tobacco products, to provide a smoke free environment and for related advertising and display purposes.
Sale of Tobacco Application Form

On-site Wastewater Management Systems

On-site wastewater management systems are any private systems that treat wastewater and greywater from domestic and commercial operations. It is important that before a wastewater system is implemented or altered that the Waste and Environment Team at council is consulted and an application form is completed.

Application to Construct Erect or Alter a Permitted Sanitary Facility.pdf

For more information in relation to public health legislation applicable to Norfolk Island contact Customer Care on +6723 22244 or sends e-mail)

Public Pools and Spas

It is a requirement under the Public Health Act 2010 (NSW) that all Pools and Spas that are open to the public follow the procedures and guidelines within the Act. This includes a routine inspection by council to ensure that correct systems and logs are in place. Public pools include resorts and hotels and any pool that is used for a commercial purpose i.e. swimming lessons. A pool inspection must be carried out once per year.

Sample Log Swimming Pools and Spas.docx

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