Water Quality Working Group

The impacts to water quality in Emily Bay and Slaughter Bay have been understood for some time. Norfolk Island Regional Council, along with Parks Australia and the Department of Infrastructure, Transport, Regional Development and Communications, have formed a Water Quality Working Group (WQWG) to coordinate management actions on issues impacting the sensitive ecosystem in our Marine Park, including the coral reef and human health through use of the bay.

Focus areas include:

  • hydrology and management of the Kingston catchment
  • onsite wastewater system standards and inspections
  • extensions to the Water Assurance sewer scheme
  • management of cattle in streams
  • various research projects including those on water quality and marine ecosystem health.

The WQWG has developed a fact sheet explaining what is happening in our catchments and how we can all help to improve health of the reef and marine environment.

Recent funding announcements by the Commonwealth Government, including investment in upgrades to the island’s Sewage Treatment Plant, are welcome news and will help in meeting the aims of the WQWG and the Norfolk Island community. Further updates will be provided in the future, including subsequent facts and guides development by the working group.

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