Norfolk Island Electricity System Improvements and Green Energy Rollout

Norfolk Island Electricity System Improvements and Green Energy Rollout

Norfolk Island is transitioning to green energy to reduce its dependence on diesel-fired generation, which is becoming more expensive and more difficult to source as countries around the world seek to decarbonize their economies.

This initiative is comprised of several interrelated elements:

  • Installation of new meters at every electricity service point throughout Norfolk Island
  • A new billing system that leverages time of use data from the new meters to manage dynamic tariffs
  • Making solar and battery solutions subsidised by the Commonwealth Government and NIRC available to property owners

Project Background

In 2022, the Commonwealth Government provided a $5.25 million grant to Norfolk Island Regional Council to transition the island away from diesel-fired generation. The programme called for the funding of commercial-sized solar and battery solutions, the subsidisation of residential solar and battery solutions, the rollout of time of use electricity meters and the implementation of a new billing system that allows for dynamic pricing.

These initiatives also incorporate the monitoring and engineering of the network to ensure its continued safe and reliable operation. Within the funding package, a provision was also made for the electrification of loads, including electric vehicle charging.

Dynamic Pricing Model

A dynamic pricing model is a key advantage for customers because it will help control electricity costs. The electricity rate per kilowatt hour (kWh) will be highest when diesel generators are in use but will fluctuate to lower amounts throughout the day when solar is readily available and batteries throughout the network are charged. A higher uptake of subsidised solar and battery solutions throughout the island will result in longer periods of lower rates for all customers.

Electricity Meters

Replacement of the island’s legacy electricity meters with time of use meters began in September 2023. It is anticipated that the rollout of all new meters will take approximately six months. Council’s contracted installers notify Norfolk Telecom customers by SMS weekly on the planned meter installation route for the upcoming week.

When a customer meter is replaced, the property will be without power for a short period of time – typically less than two hours. The installers endeavour to minimise any outage period.

Once the new meter is installed, the customer electricity account is migrated to a new billing system.

New Billing System

The introduction of dynamic tariffs requires Council to implement a new billing system.The first set of bills from the new billing system (representing accounts that have had the new electricity meters installed) were distributed in November 2023.. Accounts will be migrated to the new billing system on a rolling basis as meters are replaced.

The new billing system is accessible here . Customers can setup direct debit, pay via BPAY, or use a credit card online. In-person payment at NIRC Customer Care with cash, cheque or credit card will continue to be available.

Solar and Battery

The contractor installing the new meters, Gardel Electrical & Solar, is also responsible for the sale and installation of subsidised solar and battery solutions. Click here for more information or to register interest.






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