Economic, Tourism and Community Demographics and Statistics

Norfolk Island is a subtropical island located in the South Pacific Ocean approximately 1,600km north-east of Sydney, 890km north-east of Lord Howe Island, and 1,100km north-west of Auckland. It is a picturesque island with a deep and unique history.

The island is heavily reliant on tourism as a driver of economic activity. As well as tourism, employment opportunities on the island include farming and fishing, largely catering for local consumption. Additionally, there is some employment in construction, energy and infrastructure provision and government services.

With a diverse environment and notable historic sites, Norfolk Island offers a unique heritage seldom found elsewhere within Australia and around the world. This remote island is also of major biological importance with many native species being unique to the island.

Approximately 25% of Norfolk Island's population identify as having Pitcairn ancestry. The main language on Norfolk Island is English, but some Norfolk Islanders speak the local language Norf'k, which is a mix of Tahitian and Old English from the Bounty descendants.

The weather on Norfolk Island is steady all year round. It is officially classified as a marine subtropical climate with temperatures typically sitting between 10 to 26 degrees.

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