Council Advisory Committees

Advisory committees provide a structure for interested residents and subject matter experts to play an active role in contributing to council policy and direction.

Advisory committees provide an important link for Council with the community and are supported via other community consultative methods.

Following the suspension of the Council in February 2021, all Advisory Committees of Council were also stood down for the same period.

The External Audit Report from Grassroots Connections Australia dated 15 November 2020 (adopted by Council Resolution 2021/3) in it's first Recommendations (EAF1 and EAF 2), asked for the establishment of four (4) Council Advisory Committees.

Council further resolved with Resolution 2021/64 at it's Ordinary Meeting held on the 9 June 2021 as follows:

The Interim Administrator Resolved the following:

  1. That Council notes the report on the establishment of Advisory Committees.
  2. That Council rescinds all previous guidelines and terms of reference for Advisory Committees.
  3. That Council adopts the above guidelines of four advisory committees, being the:
    1. Business, Innovation and Tourism Advisory Committee (BITAC)
    2. Reserves and Conservation Advisory Committee (RCAC)
    3. Sustainability Advisory Committee (SAC)
    4. Youth Advisory Committee (YAC)
  4. That Council calls for Expressions of Interest for the four Advisory Committees.
  5. That Council notes that following receipt of applications, a report will be presented to the Interim Administrator for appointments of a set term.

An invitation for Expressions Of Interest were widely publicised inviting the community to take part as members of these committees.

The EOI closed on 20 August 2021, and members informed and confirmed.

Three of the Committees were established except for the Youth Advisory Committee - with recruitment delayed to match the school time table in the New Year 2022.

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