Documents for Public Exhibition

From time to time the Regional Council will place documents on Public Exhibition inviting submissions from members of the public/community. Council encourages members of the community to participate in this process and to read these documents and make submissions. The types of documents which are placed on exhibition include the: Community Strategic Plan, Operational Plan as well as Council's Fees and Charges and other community consultation documents.

Documents on Public Exhibition are made available online for download, refer to the Supporting Documents column in the table below. Alternatively, please contact Customer Care to check if a hard copy is available.

Customer Care

Council Bicentennial Complex
39 Taylors Road
Norfolk Island

Specific information such as the closing date, how to lodge a submission as well as who to contact for additional information are contained within these documents.

Please note that Council will not accept submisssions received after the closing date specified in the document on exhibition.

Document Name Closing Date for Receipt of Submissions Supporting Documents Additional Links Media Release
Draft 2024-2025 Operational Plan 14 June 2024 Draft 2024-2025 Operational Plan   9 May 2024 MR - Draft 2024-2025 Operational Plan
DABA 8/2024 KAVHA Sewerage Scheme Stage 2 5 April 2024

1.  DA form

2.  EIS Volume 1

3.  EIS Volume 2 - Appendix 1

4.  EIS Volume 2 -  Appendix 2

5.  EIS Volume 2 -  Appendix 3

6.  EIS Volume 2 -  Appendix 4

7.  EIS Volume 2 -  Appendix 5

DABA 16/2024 22 June 2024

1. DA Form

2. DA Plans

DABA 10/2024 6 May 2024 DA Form, Supporting Information & Plans