Native Vegetation

Native vegetation

There are 182 recognised native plant species (of which about 25% are endemic) and at least a further 430 naturalised species on the Norfolk Island Group (Mills 2009a, Maynard et al. 2018). Forty-six plant species are listed as threatened plant species under the EPBC Act and 30 of these are endemic to Norfolk Island. There are also 13 plant species that are endemic to Norfolk Island and Phillip Island that are not listed under the EPBC Act. Follow the link below to find out more information about the native plant communities and vegetation mapping project completed in 2020.

Plant with purple flower

The Norfolk Island Regional Council regulates the removal of 36 protected native species under the Trees Act 1997 and the Tree Regulations 1999 (NI). See link below for a list of protected trees.

To obtain a Norfolk Island Regional Council Tree Removal Permit please contact Customer Care on phone +6723 22244 or local freecall 0100 or email or follow the link to complete the Application to Take a Protected Tree(s) Form.