Council Policies

A Council policy is adopted by Council resolution and is in place until it is made obsolete by the Council.  Policies detail the Council’s position on a particular matter and provide transparency to the community of Council’s decision-making by ensuring that fair and consistent decisions are made throughout Council. 

Policies can be put in place because there is a legal requirement to do so, other policies are put in place to provide guidelines for Councillors and staff to work towards strategic objectives of the Council or are administrative in nature.

Policies of the Council relate to one of its four functional areas, these four areas are detailed below with their corresponding policies.

1. General Manager

Includes Councillors, corporate management, economic development, tourism, museums and library services.

2. Governance and Human Resources

Includes internal services such as policy development, planning and reporting, legal advice, internal audit, records management and public information.

3. Corporate

Includes customer services, finance, information technology and registry office.

4. Services

Includes asset management, airport and utility services.

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